Nussbaum: On his first anniversary in the job, NCC boss lays out three priorities

By Tobi Nussbaum, Ottawa Citizen, February 7, 2020

Had you asked me just over a year ago, before I started my current job, how many bridges the National Capital Commission owned, I would have estimated: between interprovincial bridges, the parkways and pathways, spans in Gatineau Park, Greenbelt stream crossings, I might have guessed 50.

A year later, I know the answer. The NCC owns 145 bridges — along with more than 1,000 buildings on 1,700 properties that make up 11 per cent of the National Capital Region and include some of its most ecologically valuable areas.

Learning about the vast scope of the NCC’s assets, and its work, has been one of the most interesting parts of the job. I’ve gained a new appreciation for the variety and complexity of the geography of Gatineau Park; the latest techniques in heritage conservation; how to make waterfront pathways more resilient when faced with extreme weather; issues involved in protecting the 20 species at risk that live in the Mer Bleue Bog. The list goes on.

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