'Terrifying' video shows close call as car uses bike lane to pass school bus

By Matthew Kupfer, CBC News Ottawa, February 6, 2020

An Ottawa city councillor said he decided to share a hair-raising video of a vehicle passing the open door of a stopped school bus as a wake-up call to impatient drivers whose carelessness is putting lives at risk.

The video, captured Monday by an external security camera at a Scott Street business, shows the school bus coming to a stop at the corner of Tweedsmuir Avenue, across from Westboro station. Seconds after the door of the bus opens, an older-model sedan passes on its right in a clearly marked bike lane.

Moments after the car passes, children descend the steps and cross the bike lane to the sidewalk.

Kitchissippi Coun. Jeff Leiper posted the video on social mediaThursday.

"It's terrifying to see," Leiper said. "Every impatient behaviour that you may feel is justified because you have to get somewhere on time could have potentially horrifying impacts."


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