Perth hopes for green light on landfill expansion

By Desmond Devoy, InsideOttawaValley, February 6, 2020 Don’t call after hours and don’t call it a dump. The Town of Perth’s environmental services director, Grant Machan, is adamant not to call the town’s landfill site off of Wild Life Road a dump. Instead, he calls it “one of the premier sites in eastern Ontario,” an asset the town is lucky to have, in part because the town does not have to truck its refuse elsewhere, at an added cost.

It is also an asset that is, literally, running on borrowed time.

“It was deemed to be at capacity in 2010,” said Machan, during a report to Perth town council’s committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4. The facility has been operating on temporary permits since as the town works with the province to allow for an expansion. Currently, it is “so constricted (at the landfill) that it is physically hard to operate the site,” said Machan. “We running out of space, on the top."

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