How to ease the environmental footprint of 2020 travel

By Cassandra Szklarski, National Observer, January 15, 2020

It was a recent trip to Australia during the country's devastating wildfires that got Paul Winston thinking seriously about changing his globetrotting habits.

The Victoria doctor says he came back from this past Christmas holiday wondering about the impact his own travels have on the environment, convinced that the terrifying bush fires are linked to the climate crisis.

(...)Winston says it's also hard to know whether specific offset credits align with his own eco-goals, and he's worried about sharing personal details on online emissions calculators.

Eco-experts say the New Year is a popular time for average folks to bump up green efforts, even as they plan winter getaways.

Of course, they encourage travellers to consider less impactful modes — bus and rail travel are much better options than short-haul flights and gas-guzzling SUV road trips — and keep those trips closer to home.

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