All Montreal decisions need to be viewed through lens of climate change, says Valérie Plante

By CBC News, January 10, 2020

As Montrealers enter a new decade, Mayor Valérie Plante says it's crucial that all municipal decisions take into account how our climate is changing.

"Everything about the city now has to [be seen through] this lens — what about climate change?" Plante said Friday on CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

She said that means reducing waste and carbon emissions, as well as planning for extreme weather events such as the major springtime flooding seen in parts of Montreal in two of the last three years.

"Everytime we turn on the TV we see what's happening elsewhere in the world related to climate change," she said.

"When we think about transportation, when we think about roads, our infrastructure, housing, how we build stuff, we have to have this obsession."

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