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By Elise Ondet and Alexandra McAllister, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, January 11, 2020

(...)Kudos to local companies that minimize waste

Re: Ottawa coffee shops make bringing your own mug a little easier with swap and loan programs, Jan. 3.

As a citizen who is very concerned about the climate crisis, I was happy to see that you highlighted some coffee shops in Ottawa that are making a true effort to minimize the waste they generate and are trying to create real behavioural change.

(...)Drive-thrus are hurting the environment

Last December, a reader wrote in about her concern with idling vehicles. I live near a drive-thru coffee/fast food outlet. At any given hour, at least half a dozen cars are waiting at the drive-thru lane to pick up their orders, with their engines idling. I am not a scientist but surely the amount of gas emissions must be huge, and this is only one outlet.

I would love to see one of these fast food outlets close down their drive-thru access and ask patrons to come inside the facilities, place their order and perhaps sit down for 15 minutes to enjoy their drink or meal.