Top 5 of 2019 by Jock McCleary

By Jock McCleary, InsideOttawaValley, January 7, 2020

(...)The five I have chosen this year aren’t necessarily the best five I have driven, but driving them has left a certain memory with me that sticks out in my mind, whether it be new technologies, performance or where I drove it.

(...)First - Hyundai Kona Electric 2019

(...)I drove the Kona for a week, as I would have had any other car. I didn’t try to hyper mile and carried out my daily tasks, as I would have normally. I really could drive this car on a regular basis even without having a level-2 charger fitted in my house.

I was even seriously considering buying a fully electric car, but then the $13,000 incentive in Ontario disappeared making it a rather expensive option.

I think the Kona Electric is at the top of my list is that it actually changed my outlook on what the future will be like and that there are not any real changes needed to be able to transition onto a fully electric driving world.

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