Six New Year's resolutions for Ottawa to make 2020 its greenest year yet

By Dani-Elle Dubé, 1310 News, January 2, 2020

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, some choose to eat healthier while others vow to tackle debt. Ecology Ottawa, on the other hand, hopes Ottawans will consider adding one more resolution to their list: to help their city become a greener place to live.

To celebrate both a new year and new decade, the non-profit organization has come up with a list of six resolutions for Canada's capital - resolutions they hope will get residents and city hall considering environmentally friendly solutions, as Ottawa's population, infrastructure and boundaries continue to grow and expand.

Accelerate the city's climate ambition

"Last year the city passed an emergency climate declaration and has done a lot of good work studying what it means, in terms of what it needs to do with the policy mechanisms it needs to use to get emissions to where they need to go," Rob Barnes, executive director of Ecology Ottawa, said. "And 2020 is really going to be about doing it - doing the hard work of reducing the emissions in our city."

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