'BOLD': Another step toward new climate change master plan

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun, December 17, 2019

With the environment committee’s endorsement of draft targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by the City of Ottawa, council’s job might now be to convince people that the municipality is serious about climate change.

The committee on Tuesday voted unanimously in favour of a draft climate change master plan.

The proposed emissions targets for the city government are based on a 2012 baseline count. The targets are a 30-per-cent reduction by 2025, 50-per-cent reduction by 2030 and 100-per-cent reduction by 2040.

(...)Ecology Ottawa’s Robb Barnes said the organization likes the city’s proposed emission targets and its intention for regular reporting, but Ecology Ottawa is concerned about a lack of progress on community emissions and the city’s slow pace of advancing energy evolution projects. Barnes, while flagging the cost of building new roads, urged the city to avoid expanding the urban boundary in the next official plan.


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