Official plan meeting: Worries over suburban mobility, girth of urban boundary unloaded

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, December 9, 2019

Much of a public meeting Monday on the City of Ottawa’s next official plan was just as much about improving roads and public transit in the suburban areas as it was about rewriting the planning bible for the city as a whole.

The pitch to councillors, especially from Ottawa’s southern and western communities, was improve “suburban mobility.”

The city’s next official plan will chart the city’s growth between 2021 and 2046.

(...)The most controversial part of a new official plan often involves the urban boundary and reconciling the need for building new homes and keeping homes affordable with the threat of increasing urban sprawl and boosting reliance on cars for transportation.

(...)Paul Johanis, chair of the Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital, said the city should exhaust all options for intensification before considering to expand the urban boundary. The Greenspace Alliance has held its own consultations and “nowhere did we hear any support for urban expansion,” he said.

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