These Ontario kids are taking climate protest from streets to courthouse

By Alistair Sharpe, National Observer, November 26, 2019

"We need to go into their court system and show them their own laws and that you need to be practicing and following them," said Beze Gray, one of seven young Ontarians who on Tuesday served legal notice on the Doug Ford government over its climate inaction.

The gang of seven are taking their climate protest from the street to the courthouse, arguing that Ford’s weakened climate targets breach their constitutional right to life, liberty and security.

24-year old Gray, of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation, grew up hemmed in by Sarnia’s sprawling petrochemical industry and sees its negative effects on her community every day. She is worried that increasingly extreme weather and other effects of climate change will make a bad situation much worse.

“I’m impacted on so many levels, culturally, my home, even fears and anxieties...if climate change is affecting Chemical Valley, that is a very scary thought,” she said.

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