Recycle strategy a struggle in Renfrew area

By Derek Dunn, InsideOttawaValley, November 12, 2019 Major changes will impact your recycle box in the near future. Council members in Arnprior, McNab/Braeside, and Renfrew have several important decisions to make just to get through the next five years, following the recent closure of Beaumen Waste Management. After that, starting in 2025, the provincial government has decided that industry will take over responsibility of recycling.

To take advantage of economies of scale, the three municipalities have agreed to hire one pickup company to transport recyclables to a particular facility in Pembroke. Arnprior already agreed to develop a joint tender for delivery, with McNab/Braeside and Renfrew expected to do so this month. The processing facility, Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre (OVWRC), is owned by four municipalities in the Pembroke area and refused to take part in a tender. It will be sole-sourced, which is allowed if a company is not privately owned.

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