Kitchissippi adjusting to light rail

By Anita Grace, Kitchissippi Times, November 3, 2019

t opened with much fanfare in September but had a tumultuous first week of full service in October. The Confederation Line of Ottawa’s Light Rail Train (LRT) has certainly attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative. As November rolls around and the novelty begins to wear off, how are Kitchissippi residents adjusting to the changes?

For many locals, the LRT has improved their commute to work, despite the initial troubles. For example, as a professor at University of Ottawa, Wellington West resident Chris Huggins is happy with the new system and grateful that there is a station right on campus.

“It’s so fast and convenient,” he said. “I’ve only had good experiences with it.” He added that he enjoys the contemporary design of the new stations.

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