Walk this way: Pakenham pedestrian crossovers get the go ahead

By Ashley Kulp, InsideOttawaValley, November 4, 2019

After months of back and forth, Mississippi Mills council has given the green light to the revised design of two pedestrian crossings in Pakenham.

The decision was made at the Oct. 15 regular council meeting, after the presentation of a staff report by Guy Bourgon, director of roads and public works. The four-lane crossovers are to be installed along County Road 29 at Jeanie Street (in front of Pakenham Public School) and Elizabeth Street/Waba Road. The revamped versions respect the current curb lines and feature three-metre wide ladder crossings with flashing signals. Tactile surface indicators for accessibility will also be included. The Elizabeth Street/Waba Road crossing will be located a little further south of the intersection to maintain parking for businesses.


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