Today's letters: Just how crowded is Ottawa's light rail?

By Jean Reddington, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, November 1, 2019

Just how crowded is that train?

Here’s a little levity many LTR riders might relate to:

The O-Train, the Oh-No-Train, the OMG Train, whatever you choose to call it, has been an “experience.”  I’ve never spent so much time staring down at people’s shoes, backs of legs, bottoms and backpacks while shuffling up crowded stairs, or crushed body-to-body on packed rush-hour trains. I’ve been looking down so much I fear I’ll be the poster child for a new injury tagged O-Train Strain.

The trains are full, places to look are limited and some poor individuals can’t even wiggle an arm up to stare at their phones. Instead, they’re reduced to squeezing their eyes shut or, if seated, staring at an overly close crotch or protruding belly. Oh, and one question: Who brought the egg sandwiches? The train literally reeks of sulphur and that’s when it doesn’t carry a strong whiff of cow manure or general sewer stench.

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