Kavanagh: Now let's fix Ottawa's bus service – quickly

By Theresa Kavanagh, Ottawa Citizen, November 1, 2019

A city of Ottawa Transit Commission meeting initially scheduled for Oct. 16 was cancelled despite many questions from commissioners such as myself. The timing was problematic.

We just launched a new light-rail system and we lost an opportunity to have a public discussion on how it was going. As we wait for the next meeting on Nov. 6, commissioners will have built up plenty to say regarding the implementation of the new Confederation Line while everyone adjusted to new trains with new doors and a multitude of bus route changes.

Back in the summer, when Ottawa Council finally got the date of the LRT launch, it was a moment of excitement that signalled a bright future. Of course there were many tough questions on the operation of the shiny new trains and the stations. As a change of pace, I asked senior management about the almost forgotten buses. Yes, this was the launch of the train and we were all happy that it was finally going forward, but what about the bus service?


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