Today's letters: On confronting PTSD, on dealing with climate change

By Aija Auzina and F. Dale Boire, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, October 1, 2019

(...)What to do after the climate strike

The question following Friday’s climate strike is what do you and I do now? Here are five easy steps.

• Take a pen, paper and envelope.

• Compose a letter to your outgoing MP and ask what they will you do to PROTECT, RESTORE and FUND the environment.

(...)A small but laudable step away from plastics
Clarmo Auto Repair is located on Victoria Street in the village of Metcalfe. On payment of an auto repair bill, the customer was always presented with a selection of candies in a small plastic bag. A few days ago, on settling an account with Clarmo, I was given the candies, but this time in a paper bag.

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