Riding the rails in a wheelchair: Rating O-Train for accessibility

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

By Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen, October 3, 2019

When the Confederation Line first opened, Max Brault was too scared to ride it.

“That seems funny for a grown man to say he was too scared to take the LRT, but if something were to happen I’d be stuck in there,” said Brault, 49, who has used a wheelchair since his 20s because of his degenerative spinal muscular atrophy.

But after a close friend who was an eye for potential barriers gave the train the thumbs up, Brault went all in.

“It gets a good A+ from me,” Brault said after an unofficial and informal audit with this newspaper of the LRT’s accessibility. “They nailed the really good things — it’s fully accessible, it’s spacious, it’s very well-lit and it has good demarcation on the floor for the visually impaired.