Bhushan: Global climate action – Canada must put its money where its mouth is

By Aniket Bhushan, Ottawa Citizen, October 4, 2019

On global climate action, Canada talks a good game and craves the spotlight, but does not do enough. It is time for a new political consensus on what we need to do on the international stage.

The start of the Liberal mandate in 2015 coincided with agreement at the UN on the Sustainable Development Goals and a partly successful agreement at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. The first big global-development spending announcement of the mandate was a commitment to “double” the level of support for climate action in developing and emerging economies.

Establishing a Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, putting a price on carbon and promoting clean tech have also been important achievements, as was the commitment to spend $2.65 billion over five years (2015-2020) on climate action in developing countries and appointing an ambassador for climate change.

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