LGTIRL all-candidates debate to build environmental leadership

By InsideOttawaValley, September 14, 2019 On October 2, community groups and individuals in our riding are hosting a non-partisan all-candidates debate on the environment for Leeds-Grenville, Thousand Islands & Rideau Lakes (LGTIRL). Around the world, we are seeing dramatic shifts in technology and people’s behaviour to help address environmental problems.

Here in the communities of LGTIRL, we are playing our part by adopting solar energy, retrofitting our homes and integrating energy efficiency into new homes, buying food that was raised or grown locally, composting our organic waste, and more.

But while individual action can make an important contribution to addressing problems like climate change, complex environmental challenges can’t be solved without government leadership.https://www.insideottawavalley.com/opinion-story/9593407-lgtirl-all-candidates-debate-to-build-environmental-leadership/?source=newsletter&utm_source=ml_nl&utm_medium=email&utm_email=6cf0e4c8dfed7b7e28f22e123857e24f&utm_campaign=ovop_61030&utm_content=a10

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