Still sneezing? Climate change may prolong allergy season

By Cecilia Sierra-Heredia , Jordan Brubacher and Tim Takaro, InsideOttawaValley, September 12, 2019

Every year, without fail, summer brings changes to our surroundings: more sunlight, heat, greenness and flowers, among many others. For some people, these changes also mean increasing physical discomfort because along with the flowers, trees and grass comes pollen.

(...)Plant flowering depends on many environmental factors, such as humidity or minimum temperature, so it’s hard to pinpoint a national start date for the pollen seasons. It’s more likely that different places will experience pollen seasons that match their particular range of temperatures, flora and other aspects of their geography.

Because pollen concentrations depend so much on the environmental conditions that surround the plant that produces it, many changes in the environment can affect pollen concentrations and pollen seasons.

Climate change is already altering flowering seasons worldwide and in turn, creating longer pollen seasons. The dates that were traditionally considered the start and end of pollen seasons have become obsolete because the seasons are generally starting earlier and ending later.

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