What happens if the LRT stops working after opening day?

By Jason White, 1310 News, September 9, 2019

As OC Transpo officials prepare for Saturday's public opening of the Confederation Line, they have multiple backup plans in the event that there's a problem on the line, after the trains enter service.

Last week's 10-hour outage on the western half of the line, through the downtown tunnel, prompted some to wonder what would have happened if the problems occurred after opening day.

(...)If there's a problem with one of the trains, it would be moved to the next station at reduced speed, Manconi said. It would be extremely unlikely that a train would be stranded, unable to be moved to the nearest station platform.

"The thing you don't want is to do evacuations along the rail line," Manconi said. "But I will tell you right now, that is one of the drills we're practicing."

(...)"We don't have thousands of buses waiting around," Manconi said. "People will do what they do in other major metropolitan cities -- they're going to get up, figure out if it's close enough to walk to where they need to get to, grab Uber, bike, walk, taxi, and so forth."


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