City council sending Waste Management contract to the black bin

By Lesley McKay, StittsvilleCentral, September 8, 2019

Since early Spring 2019 Stittsville residents have been complaining loud and clear about the lack of garbage service being provided by Waste Management (WM) to our community. These complaints, or lack of service, were timely as Waste Management had entered into negotiations with the City for the extension of their contract that ends on May 31, 2020.

Councillor Gower and his office staff have been fielding complaints from residents for six months and constantly communicating directly to the community with updates on delays and new pick-up times on his social media platforms and in person.

Yes, Waste Management had a fire in July resulting in the loss of eight trucks, but when you are a large business, should a back-up plan not be in place for incidents such as this? Bringing in additional trucks or renting vehicles and adding more manpower would have helped to solve the situation.

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