Reader: Article lacks full truth on 50 Million Tree program

By Kerry Badgley, InsideOttawaValley Letter to the Editor, August 26, 2019 It is nice to see Canopy Growth donating money to Forests Ontario ("Canopy Growth donates $100,000 to Forests Ontario” Aug. 22), and let's hope that the company is able to do so on an ongoing basis.

The article was an interesting one inasmuch as it devoted a great deal of space to the remarks of local MPP Steve Clark. At the same time, the article did not spend more than a sentence discussing why it was the case that the federal government and Canopy are helping revive the 50 Million Tree program. In fact, all that is mentioned is that the program was cancelled earlier this year "as a result of the funding cuts in April."

No mention at all of the fact that it was the Ford government that decided to de-fund the program, and that Mr. Clark was either unwilling or unable to convince his cabinet colleagues to continue to support the program.

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