Manjikian: Both cyclists and car drivers need to develop more empathy

By Sevak Manjikian, Ottawa Citizen, September 3, 2019

As a cyclist who has been riding for more than 40 years, I have seen the sport grow in popularity and blossom into a transportation revolution. Naturally, I see these developments as positives in terms of health and urban mobility. But increasingly, I am also witnessing a great deal of pent-up aggression between cyclists and motorists, which can lead to unfortunate confrontations.

For some in the cycling community, it is often assumed that motorists are at fault when collisions occur. This is often my initial gut reaction upon hearing of a crash. However, years of riding both as a commuter and as an athlete have convinced me that cyclists are also responsible for the tensions that exist on the road.

Our vulnerability in traffic should not give us licence to neglect one of the most important rules of the road: predictability.

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