Ottawa’s ‘other’ underground tunnel near complete

By Catherine Latham, CTV News Ottawa, August 29, 2019

It sounds like one of those cheesy kid jokes. Name the tunnel deep under Ottawa’s downtown core that is longer than the LRT but no one really knows about?

“We get confused with the LRT all the time,” laughs one of the project managers Steve Courtland.

“It’s the big project that’s right in front of everybody but nobody really knows what’s going on.”

(...)The CSST will work by acting more like a large holding tank, equivalent to 18 Olympic-sized swimming pools, the tunnels will hold on to the water until the treatment system is freed up. Once the system is ready, that sewage will then get treated and cleaned as well before heading back out into the river.

Courtland’s colleague and co-manager of the project, Jenn Carreirra says the tunnel, under construction for the last three years, is equally as important as the LRT and has a very lofty goal.

“It’ means a healthier river,” says Carreirra.

The pair is heading up the city of Ottawa’s Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) project.  It’s a $232 million state-of-the-art sewage tunnel network, eight storeys underground, with the aim of stopping sewage spills into the Ottawa River.

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