Anti-carbon tax gas pump stickers prompt local pro-carbon tax campaign

By Jason White, 1310 News, August 29, 2019

The Ford government's anti-carbon tax stickers for gas pumps has helped spur a pro-carbon tax public information campaign that has some stickers of its own.

Ecology Ottawa is working with a collection of citizens and groups across the country to launch the campaign. The pro-carbon tax campaign will distribute stickers across the country, not only in Ontario, where the provincial government has mandated gas stations post anti-carbon tax stickers on its gas pumps.

"(The Progressive Conservative stickers] are a propoganda tool and they tell, essentially, one very biased side of the story," Robb Barnes, executive director, Ecology Ottawa. He says the government's stickers make no mention of the tax rebate received at the beginning of the year by everyone who filed a tax return.

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