Welcome to the 15-minute neighbourhood: Intensification key to city's official plan

By CBC News Ottawa, August 22, 2019

Ottawa's revised official plan aims to create a community of "15-minute neighbourhoods" that will transform the capital into North America's most liveable mid-sized city while planning for a population that will eventually double or even triple.

To reach that lofty goal, the 25-year growth blueprint unveiled Thursday at Ottawa City Hall is hard-focused on urban intensification instead of sprawl, creating residential hubs where people can get to most of their daily destinations — schools, grocery stores, public transit, parks and libraries — within a 15-minute walk from their homes.

(...)To achieve its ambition, the city is aiming to have residents make significantly more than 50 per cent of their trips by foot, bicycle, public transit or by carpooling, Miguelez said. Currently, between 40 and 50 percent of residents' daily trips are made by some mode of transportation other than their personal vehicles.


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