Saving the planet from ecological collapse: An excerpt from Burning Souls

By David Chernuchenko, Ottawa Citizen, August 22, 2019

It was easy being friends in the cloistered environment of Cambridge University in 1997, but when Simone Cohen, Sagan Cleveland, Jenny Fung and Jiro “JJ” Ebitsubo set out to right the wrongs of the countries they come from and the world they live in, they confront serious professional and personal challenges. Whether they continue to support each other in future, in the midst of social and ecological breakdown could make all the difference — to one another and the course of humanity. 

Dateline: September 10, 2025, Southern France

Weather: Hot, dry, silent

Simone’s mind was spinning like the hard drive on her first laptop. Writing columns for papers that no longer published, for readers who no longer cared. No longer dared.

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