Pellerin: Healthy Ottawa – Suck it up and ditch those single-use plastic straws

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen, August 8, 2019

The National Arts Centre made the news a few months ago when it announced its plan to eliminate single-use plastic in its restaurant.

As Nelson Borges, the NAC’s manager of food and beverage, explained in the Citizen, the arts centre will use plant-based containers to serve the food, then toss them into the compost, which will be added to the rooftop garden growing flowers (for the bees) and herbs, the latter to be used in the NAC kitchen. It’s like a Circle of Life song that’s even better than Disney.

At what price, you ask? Pennies. Single-use plastic cups are five cents. The new-fangled compostable plant-based ones? Twelve cents. Would you pay a seven-cent premium on your $10 drink for the environmental benefit of not using plastic? Me too.


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