City staff propose five themes for new 25-year official plan

By Jacob Hoytema, Ottawa Citizen, August 12, 2019

Ottawa is fresh off of celebrating its one millionth resident, but city staff are already thinking another 400,000 ahead. The municipal government is working on a new master plan to guide its decision-making and growth between 2021 and 2046, during which time the population is expected to reach 1.4 million. This new plan is supposed to prepare for that shift by broadly designating how that growth will be spread out, and how it will impact different parts of the city.

A finalized version of the plan isn’t expected to be set in stone by council until spring of 2021. Nonetheless, city staff outlined on Monday a slew of suggested policy directions under five themes that, if approved, will guide the discussion around the remaining stages of the plan’s development. Staff have released the so-called “five big moves” so that members of the public can familiarize themselves for future consultations.

Briefly summarized, the five themes are: intensification, transportation, “sophistication” in urban and community design, environmental and public health, and economic development.

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