WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?: Natural playground in Renfrew

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.
By Jonathan Mulvihill, InsideOttawaValley, August 7, 2019 There is a new natural playground in Renfrew, located at Ma-Te-Way Park next to the splash pad, for residents to enjoy. JUST THE FACTS:

The idea of a natural playground was first brought up in 2016 as part of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, an initiative that supports local communities to initiate new programs and enhance existing ones to give kids a healthier start in life.

(...)“We wanted to do something that both gave Renfrew a new attraction and was environmentally friendly,” she said. “So we decided to make a playground made from all natural resources.”https://www.insideottawavalley.com/news-story/9538512-what-s-going-on-here-natural-playground-in-renfrew/?s=n1?source=newsletter&utm_source=ml_nl&utm_medium=email&utm_email=6cf0e4c8dfed7b7e28f22e123857e24f&utm_campaign=ovha_58174&utm_content=a03