Pellerin: Healthy Ottawa – We don't really need to buy all that packaging

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen, July 29, 2019

Zero waste’ may be a bit extreme for most of us in our busy lives. But how about we at least aim for less waste? It’ll help make the city – and the planet – a better place.

Do you remember when stores started charging us a nickel for every plastic bag? Very few people embraced the change. I hated it too. Then we all got used to it and much plastic was diverted from landfill. (Of course, Ottawa Council is now letting you use those plastic bags for your organics, so maybe we haven’t got the concept fully right just yet.)

But if we’re going to be as healthy a city as we can be, we’re going to have to start thinking about not just big-ticket problems like climate change and carbon taxes, but what we individual Ottawans are doing. We need to think about what we buy and whether we need all the plastic and other packaging that surrounds it.

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