City of Ottawa to implement more 'protected intersections'

By Jean-Sébastien Marier, CBC News Ottawa, July 31, 2019

The city of Ottawa hopes drivers and other road users will get used to the layout of so-called "protected intersections" — such as the one at the corner of St. Laurent Boulevard and Donald Street — because it's planning to build more of them.

Those intersections include features such as painted bicycle crossings, concrete corner islands to segregate cyclists and pedestrians from turning vehicles, and dedicated bicycle signals.

Tanaka explained that each protected intersection is designed differently, based on its "context" and "the space available."

Other protected intersections are in the works, and "designs continue to improve and evolve based on the city's experience implementing these designs in the context of Ottawa's streets, which include requirements for transit service and winter maintenance," Tanaka wrote.

City to continue educating road users

Some cycling advocates agree that protected intersections are actually much safer than traditional ones. For example, the corner islands force drivers to make wider right-hand turns. It's supposed to help them better see cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road.

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