Tom Green holding Major's Hill picnic to 'casually discuss' Chateau Laurier expansion

By Mike Vlasveld, 1310 News, July 24, 2019

Internationally recognized Ottawa comedian Tom Green is inviting residents to join him in appreciating the views from Major's Hill Park.

He's recently added his voice to those displeased with the design of a proposed expansion on the north side of the Chateau Laurier.

Green is inviting Ottawans to join him in having a picnic at Major's Hill on Saturday, July 27 at 6:30 p.m.

(...)"That positive energy I'm feeling from so many people involved in this, I hope will lead to a satisfactory result for all parties involved," he explained. "Somehow we will come up with a way -- with the developer, with city council, with the federal government, with the NCC, with the citizens of Ottawa -- to come up with a new design [for the Chateau Laurier expansion] that is going to be more harmonized with the environment down there and really keep Ottawa beautiful."

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