Today's letters: The tale of a quilt, and thoughts on Ottawa's planning committee

By Ken Winges, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, July 23, 2019

(...)Menard is right: Reform the planning committee

Re: Menard: Break up planning committee and bring democracy back to Ottawa City Hall, July 18.

I am not always in agreement with Ottawa Coun. Shawn Menard, but I must say I am in total agreement on the role of the planning committee.

Some years ago, I served as a member of the committee developing a secondary plan for Richmond Road. We met frequently, worked many voluntary hours and came up with recommendations we felt were fair, then submitted our report. One part of the plan that did get approved (i.e. height restrictions) was subsequently ignored by both planning committee and planning staff. It amounted to a virtual slap in the face to those communities who made the effort to get involved.

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