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By Pam Mayhew, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, July 20, 2019

(...)Pro-meat argument has more holes than Swiss cheese

Re: Charlebois: Hey vegans, provocative advertising about dairy will only polarize people, July 16.

I read Sylvain Charlebois’ article critiquing the vegan movement for inappropriate advertising with total disbelief. This man’s arguments have more holes in them than a slice of (vegan) Swiss cheese.

First, this 70-year-old vegan has never been in hiding, and although I am happy that so many plant-based alternatives now exist, I never considered myself deprived for “having to make most of my meals at home.” I discovered so many delicious new ways of cooking, and it’s been a great joy in my life to live in harmony with my philosophy of compassion and non-violence. You could call that my mission: to cause the least amount of harm to myself, animals and the planet.

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