Is it time to split up Ottawa's planning committee?

By CBC News Ottawa, July 18, 2019

Should Ottawa's planning committee be carved in two, one half dealing with urban issues and the other with suburban matters?

That's the pitch being made by Coun. Shawn Menard.

The Capital ward councillor believes the concerns of residents in the city's core neighbourhoods are being given short shrift by the 10-member committee, which features nine councillors from Ottawa's suburbs and rural areas.

Yeah, I (Scott Moffatt) do disagree with that. Because I think it's a matter of collaboration with other councillors, working together to do things.

We've actually managed to get some things done through the committee that I chair — which is the environment committee — by working together. Things that maybe other people would've seen to be controversial in nature. But the reality is we worked together, me as a rural councillor and Coun. Menard as a more urban councillor, to find solutions. And with very little controversy through the whole process.

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