Can we get a local climate action plan?

By Lynn Ovenden, The Review, July 15, 2019

To The Editor,

Your editorial last week (Change takes time. So does strategy.) reminded me how important it is to plan a strategy for major long-term challenges. Climate change is one such challenge. Many municipalities have a climate action plan. I’d like to see the United Counties of Prescott-Russell develop one. At a minimum, I hope UCPR is reconsidering how to design and fund and incentivize the changes in infrastructure and local economy that we’ll need to thrive in 2030. While most Canadian’s are more concerned with day-to-day affordability than 2030, we know that housing affordability, food security, water quality and wildlife are at risk in the hotter, stormier climate that’s coming. We’ll pay for what we know is necessary and well-planned. Next time our municipalities receive a windfall of revitalization funds, they should go to long-term goals in a strategy for community resilience.

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