First Place Plastic Welding puts repair ahead of recycle

By Barbara Leitimiemi, The Review, July 2, 2019

The oft-cited three Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle overlook an important fourth possibility: repair. First Place Plastic Welding of Green Valley repairs a variety of plastic items that otherwise might be tossed in the garbage or recycle bin.

“If it’s made of thermoplastic, I can fix it,” says owner George Clarke. Clarke, who operates First Place with his son, Leo, has been repairing plastics for over 30 years. People often replace broken plastic items, Clarke says, not realizing they can be repaired with less expense.

Plastic welding is similar in principle to TIG or acetylene welding. Using high temperatures and a plastic rod, Clarke repairs cracks in plastic components, or splices in larger pieces to repair holes.

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