Today's letters: Talking about trash, the Mark Norman settlement, OSAP

By Lesley Brown and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, June 29, 2019

Trash-bag limit would be open to abuse

Re: All options being considered to keep trash out of the municipal dump as council digs into garbage policy, June 26.

I’m a board member of a large townhouse condominium complex. Our garbage goes on large communal pads for pickup by the city. There is no way to police who puts what where, and we already have problems with household waste put out on the wrong week, as well as improper recycling. The private citizens of the condo bear the cost to keep on top of these matters.

If a bag limit is imposed on everyone, piles of garbage would be left on-site once the limit had been loaded in the trucks, leaving the condo with no route of disposal. Waiving residential setups such as ours from a bag limit would result in non-resident dumping on our property.

(...)How about a wider strategy?

I am glad to see the city moving forward to update its solid waste master plan but disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any attention paid to discussion of strategies:

• to get better compliance from owners and residents in multi-dwelling and commercial high-rise buildings, which appear largely resistant to recycling and other waste management practices;

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