Ottawa's LRT problems seem small compared to Kitchener's ION

By Jeff Slack, 1310 News, June 27, 2019

Residents living in Kitchener were excited when their light rail system launched with just minutes to spare before summer officially kicked off, but it hasn't been without its own issues.

To get there, it also encountered much of the problems the City of Ottawa is currently experiencing; Four missed deadlines, $50-million over budget, and there were technical problems with the trains themselves.

On top of this, there has been an issue with drivers adopting to the idea of sharing the road with a train.

"The system launched officially late Friday morning, but it had been testing at essentially service levels for several months leading up to it and there had been four collisions over about two months of train testing," said Mike Farwell ,Talk Show Host, 570 NEWS Kitchener. "Already this weekend we had number five."

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