Today's letters: On hospital records, electric buses, Bill 21

By George Neville and John Beare, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, June 22, 2019

(...)Hospitals must confront their plastics problem

Re: From IV tubing to syringes to saline bags, hospitals need plastic – Single-use ban looms, but are all plastics bad? June 13.

This illustrated article on hospital plastic waste is simplistic, apologetic to the industry and fails to give scope to the magnitude and diversity of the health and disposal problems.

(...)Don’t jump the gun on electric buses

Re: Transpo wants to buy electric buses without having a trial run, June 20.

There’s an Arab saying about not letting a camel get its nose into your tent because soon it will be followed by the whole camel. OC Transpo says it doesn’t want to run a pilot project but it wants to buy two all-electric buses now. Even two buses will require the infrastructure to charge and maintain electric buses and train-bus operators in their use.

Those two buses will be the thin edge of the wedge to a fleet of electric buses. Why not wait such a decision until the pilot projects being run by others are finished?

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