LRT: Despite some snags, Kitchener-Waterloo launches their trains

By Blair Crawford, Ottawa Sun, June 22, 2019

KITCHENER — Last November, commuters in the Kitchener-Waterloo region were promised they’d be riding light-rail transit in the spring of 2019.

Friday morning, with just 15 minutes to summer, the first passenger-carrying Ion train pulled out of Kitchener’s Fairway Station.

As dignitaries strutted and preened under the blazing, not-yet-summer sun, with fluttering flags and a brass band playing, it was a launch party that Ottawans can only dream about.

“They’re very different systems,” said Waterloo Regional Counciller Tom Galloway, one of the driving forces behind the Grand River Transit’s Ion LRT. “This is a development tool. Ottawa’s is a mass transit system.”

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