We're officially a big city. Let's start acting like one

By Joanne Chianello, CBC News Ottawa, June 14, 2019

Today, Ottawa officially becomes a big city, a metropolis even — a national capital of one million people.

Not precisely today, of course. This is our best guess, based on statistics. When Mayor Jim Watson makes the pronouncement of our seven-figure population milestone in front of City Hall Friday afternoon, he won't be able to name our one-millionth resident.

But he is right to mark this as a turning point, if only symbolically.

(...)Living in a livable city

Surpassing this population milestone needn't necessarily alter the essence of our city — the approachable livability we long to preserve.

Our proximity to nature, our bike path network, our transit system, the national museums and monuments — all these make Ottawa an ideal place to live for so many. And while housing prices have been on the rise, they haven't quite hit the socially disruptive levels seen in Toronto or Vancouver.


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