'Smelly and gross' green bins major barrier to increased use: study

By Laurie Fagan, CBC News Ottawa, June 14, 2019

Starting next month, Ottawa residents will be able to use plastic bags in their green bins — and city officials are hoping that will eliminate the "ick factor" around the organic waste program.

Just over 30 per cent of residents with access to curbside green bins say they don't use them as often as they could because they consider them "smelly and gross," according to a survey of households commissioned by the city and carried out by Hill and Knowlton Strategies.

Last December, some 1,200 people across Ottawa were asked about their recycling and composting habits, and whether the city's communications strategy about the waste diversion program was working.

Of those surveyed, 77 per cent said they were using their curbside bins. That's a significant increase from the 50 per cent who said they were doing so in a 2014-15 city waste audit, although city staff cautioned the methodology in those two surveys was different.


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