Today's letters: I will never use Ottawa's LRT system

By Eric R. Stephen and Barry Wellar, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, June 7, 2019

The LRT is not for me

Re: LRT delayed again, won’t be ready by end of June, June 5

The reporter details the myriad problems beguiling the Alstom LRT trains. One sentence stuck out: “The company developed the Citadis Spirit for the Ottawa market.” A little research shows that the Spirit is a new model, not an established one. Is the city the guinea pig testing ground for Alstom? Little wonder problems are being found.

(...)Watson’s “fed up”? So am I

No public purpose whatsoever is achieved by yet another closed-door meeting for insiders to chew the fat over the abysmal LRT delivery performance.

Indeed, the only parties served by a meeting behind closed doors are those associated with the LRT project, and particularly Mayor Jim Watson and the large number of councillors who have been snookered left, right, and centre in sheep-like fashion for months on end.

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