Pellerin: Let's rid ourselves of this grass-on-median madness

By Brigitte Pellerin, Ottawa Citizen, May 23, 2019

It’s finally here. After six months of living like mushrooms we are, at last, able to go outside half naked. Woohoo. 

The tulip festival has come and gone. There are leaves growing on trees. Soon the air will smell like lilac and we’ll whine about that blasted humidex. Any day now, mosquitoes will come for a visit and refuse to leave. And the grass will need cutting. Cue sighing. 

Why, though? I mean, why do we have so much grass everywhere?

(...)Yes, of course we want greenery everywhere, and not just because it looks pretty. The right kind of vegetation can help us fight the heat island effect, contribute to filtering rain water and enrich the soil. It also provides a tiny ecosystem that benefits birds, bees, and those adorable little rodents. But if you think grass is the only green thing on offer, you lack imagination.

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