Today's letters: Ads omit that carbon 'tax' rebate, Mr. Premier

By Gordon Clifford, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, May 21, 2019

Carbon ‘tax’ seems like a good deal

The Doug Ford government’s recent TV ad is aimed at convincing people the federal carbon tax would somehow hit Ontarians in their wallet. Needless to say, there is no mention of the carbon tax rebate in this ad, nor in any other of the provincial government’s critiques and missives pertaining to this tax.

My reaction is a healthy combination of dismay, irony and disappointment, tinged with eye-rolling bemusement. By now, surely the Ford government must realize that everyone in the country, with eyes and ears even partially open, knows that the rebates received will in most cases exceed the amounts spent on this tax. In fact, therefore, the carbon tax is not really a “tax” at all, is it?

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