Today's letters: Another threat to biodiversity

By Frank LeClair and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, May 17, 2019

Population explosion part of the problem

Re: Biodiversity crisis means changing our short-term psychology, May 13.

While biology Prof. James Schaefer makes some interesting points about human psychology, institutions and the question of whether we have all gone mad, his commentary, like so many others about the recent UN report on the biodiversity extinction crisis, leaves out a key factor in the discussion of possible solutions: the human population explosion.

(...)My bike helmet is not a weapon

I recently attended a couple Ottawa 67’s playoff games at TD Place Arena. Both times, I travelled by bicycle, and was stopped at security because I had a regular bicycle helmet with me. I was told it could be used as a weapon.

(...)Think outside the box on climate change

I am listening for the best plan to deal with climate change. The Liberals say: Tax and spend money. The Conservatives say: No tax and spend no money. Polls show, as happened in Ontario, that the Liberals are losing favour while the Conservatives are gaining.

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